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The Scariest Fighters of MMA




Why he’s scary--  Granted Maia is not the most physically imposing figure and his striking won’t make any top guys lose sleep but go to the ground and you are always at risk of going to sleep or losing an arm.  Maia’s BJJ ranks up there with the tops in the world and he is lethal on the ground but lacks the mean streak of some of the other superior grapplers.


Scare factor-If he can add striking or get meaner he could earn his keep.



Why he’s scary--  Do I really need to answer this?  His striking is pin-point accurate, lightning fast and truly lethal.  And just when you thought he was going to suffer defeat at the hands of nemesis Chael Sonnen,  The Spider slapped on a fight ending triangle/armbar combo after being roughed up for 23 minutes.  Not only is Silva frightening to opponents but he has been a nightmare to Dana White and the UFC brass with some very bizarre and lackluster performances against seemingly over-matched opponents.


Scare factor-  His skills are legendary and the antics are bizarre but Sonnen took away just a little of the mystique and sense of invincibility.






Why he’s scary--  He looks like the computer geek next door but is a world class grappler with zero aversion to snapping an opponent’s arm and then breaking into celebration and taunting the stunned Japanese crowd.  As his bout with Strikeforce Champion Gilbert Melendez showed us, Aoki is severely lacking in the striking and wrestling games but his jiu-jitsu is nothing short of wicked.  When combine his skill level with the true killer instinct you have one very scary opponent.


Scare Factor-  The lack of stand-up and wrestling make him vulnerable to fighters like Melendez but any fighter has to be fearful if Aoki locks you up on the ground.




Why he’s scary – Did you see the beating he put on a beast like Brock Lesnar?  How truly frightening is a man who possesses world class wrestling, technical yet powerful boxing and cardio that would make the newly acquired UFC bantamweights jealous?  Velasquez has been building to this point in his young career by improving with every fight.  Velasquez put it all together against Lesnar; overcoming the early firestorm, getting up from a big takedown, scoring a takedown of his own and unleashing some brutal stand-up and ground and pound.


Scare Factor- The only thing we haven’t seen from Velasquez is a slick submission but with the level of his game in all other areas, that doesn’t seem absolutely necessary.







Why she’s scary --  A devilish combination of speed, power and aggression.  Since arriving on the American soil in 2008, Cyborg has yet to be truly challenged, tearing through six opponents including the destruction Gina Carano in 2009.  The aggressive style has struck fear into the hearts of fighters and spectators around the world. Currently it does not seem as though there are any viable challengers for Cyborg.


Scare Factor—Santos could possibly be the most frightening fighter in all of MMA and at just 25 years of age is only going to improve.  Truly frightening.







Why he’s scary – It’s Fedor, need I say more?  Despite the recent loss to Fabricio Werdum, Fedor remains one of the most respected and feared fighters in the world.  Under the quiet calm demeanor lies the heart of a killer inside the ring or cage.  Quietly, Fedor destroyed challenger after challenger while riding a winning streak that lasted nearly ten years. Despite Fedor’s fabulous array of skills many fighters entered the bout defeated based on the mystique of The Last Emperor.


Scare Factor- Fedor has never been the most physically imposing figure but proved he could beat you from anywhere. For a man this quiet, calm and unassuming to defeat many of the best heavyweights of his generation emits an eerie vibe that makes one think Fedor may have been from another world.




Why he’s scary – The Japanese legend is reaching the end of his long and illustrious career but still remains dangerous to anyone he fights.  The scary factor comes from his ability to absorb tremendous amounts of punishment and still pull off the "hail mary” submission.  His actions inside the ring are often zombie-like as he keeps coming forward despite the punishment until he is able to stun his opponent with the submission.  Sakuraba is also scary in another way; some of the beatings he absorbed are legendary and frightening at the same time.


Scare Factor-  As stated earlier, Sakuraba is clearly nearing or reached the end of his storied career and it’s always good to honor a legend of his stature in any way possible. Thanks for all the great and scary memories.






Why he’s scary – Aldo has been a one man wrecking crew since arriving in the WEC.  His striking ability is from another planet.  The punches and kicks are lightning fast and deadly powerful as he has demonstrated in basically cleaned out the WEC featherweight division.  As the initial UFC featherweight champion, Aldo will begin to receive the additional notoriety he deserves and more fans will get to witness the devastating skills possessed by the young Brazilian.  For evidence of how scary Aldo can be check out pictures of Urijah Faber’s grotesquely bruised leg after five rounds with Aldo or Cub Swanson’s face after just eight seconds in the cage with Aldo.


Scare Factor – With a devastating array of skills at such a young age, Aldo should be on this list for the next ten years.  Even more frightening to future opponents…  he’s only going to get better.




Why he’s scary --  Have you seen this guy lately?  An absolute monster.  Overeem has grown from a thin light heavyweight into a beast of a heavyweight.  Overeem was already a dangerous striker with a good ground game as a light heavyweight but the added size and muscle has amped up his striking to the frightening level.  Despite rampant rumors and allegations of the size increase being chemically enhanced, Overeem tested clean following his recent Strikeforce win over Brett Rogers.  And speaking of the fight with Rogers, how scary was it to see Overeem toss the 265 pound Rogers like he was a sack of potatoes?


Scare Factor – A huge man with devastating striking , good ground game and great athleticism is scary to any opponent even if the chin may be in question.




Why he’s scary – What would a column likes this be without at least a little humor? Filho has exhibited some solid skills when he has gotten in shape and shown up for his fights.  But in true spirit Filho is a ghost; often disappearing days before scheduled fights and unable to be found.  Other times when he did show up for fights Filho would be unprepared and put on a bizarre performance as he did in his second fight with Chael Sonnen. 


Scare Factor --  When Filho is trained and motivated he has skills that would be scary to most fighters.  It’s the other activities thought that brought Filho onto this list.  It’s scary for promoters to book him in fear that he won’t show and it’s scary for fighters to accept fights with Filho for the same reason. Who wants to have an 8-10 week camp and have your opponent not show or act bizarre if he does show for the fight. 



Hector Lombard--  A real wrecking machine but needs to step-up in competition.


Brock Lesnar – Still a big scary dude despite the beat-down from Cain.


Mauricio "Shogun” Rua – Non-stop aggression and talent but has been derailed by injuries.


Ronaldo "Jacare” Sousa – A wizard on the ground with improving stand-up.


Ben "Smooth” Henderson – man, that guillotine is killer. 


Minowaman --  Leg-locks from anywhere.


Jonny "Bones” Jones --  a mind-numbing array of skills, probably should have made the main list.


Wanderlei Silva- If for no other reason "The Axe Murderer” nickname would be good enough but Wand’s crazy aggressive style is a nightmare for anyone.

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