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Fantasy Middleweight Tournament


With the brief lull in MMA action, what better time to get the crazy debates going with some fantasy tournaments in each of the weight divisions.  We will be looking to crown "The Donís Fantasy ChampionsĒ in seven weight classes.  While we know that the UFC will never go back to a tournament format or co-promote with any other organization, our minds and keyboards are not bound by such politics.

Over the next seven days we will look at each weight division and hold 8 man fantasy tournaments in each class.  We will seed the fighters one through eight in a bracket formula and look at who will win each fight and why.

These types of predictions/projections usually spark great debates among the MMA fans.  First of all itís difficult to decide which eight fighters will participate and then choosing winners really causes the fun and debates beginÖ  so bring it on!!!

The seedings are based primarily on rankings from our good friends at with a few minor variations in several weight classes.

The quarter- and semi-final bouts would be three rounds with the final bout being a five round affair.  The seedings are in parenthesis below.



Today we will look at the Middleweight division and the seedings/match-ups are as follows:


(1) Anderson Silva  vs.  (8) Jorge Santiago

(4) Nate Marquardt  vs.  (5) Yushin Okami

(3) Vitor Belfort  vs.  (6) Ronaldo "JacareĒ Souza

(2) Chael Sonnen  vs.  (7) Hector Lombard


Round 1 Match-ups:


Silva vs. Santiago -- Santiago has re-energized his career after some turbulent and unsuccessful activity a few years ago. Santiago has found great success competing for Sengoku in Japan and has rediscovered the well rounded skills that made him a top prospect several years ago.  But as good as Santiago has been it will take a superior effort to stop the machine that is Anderson Silva.  In addition to his laser striking, Silva demonstrated his resolve and BJJ skills with his miracle fifth round submission of Chael Sonnen.  In this bout Silva will likely turn on the striking attack to wear down Santiago and eventually land the big shot to end the fight.


Silva over Santiago by TKO in round two.


Marquardt vs. Okami -- We wonít have to wait long to see this one as these two middleweights square off as the main event at UFC 122 on November 13.  I guess I can just copy/paste this prediction for when the fight happens but I have gone back and forth in my end trying to pick a winner here and I can see ways both men can win. Okami can take the Sonnen approach and stifle Marquardt on the ground while Marquardt may implement the stick and move strategy of Rich Franklin that kept Okami at bay for two rounds.  Both men are solid but not spectacular in all aspects of the MMA game so this one can truly go either way.  Okami has the ability to take a good shot in order to move inside for his clinch and takedown game.  Letís go with Okami by narrow split decision that will draw the ire of the Marquardt camp.


Okami over Marquardt by split decision.


Belfort vs. Souza -- If both men hold true to form this would be a classic striker vs. grappler match-up, but Jacare has become enamored with his striking game of late.  Granted, Jacare has improved greatly in his striking but him standing in front of Belfort for any period of time a recipe for disaster.  The thought here is that Souza will test the waters of the standing game and have his night come to an early end at the lightning fast hands of The Phenom.  I would like to see the grappler-striker bout unfold but it seems unlikely to unfold that way.


Belfort over Souza by TKO in round one.


Sonnen vs. Lombard Ė This match-up was very intriguing to me as Sonnenís wrestling and top control game catapulted him into a title shot where he was 2 minutes away from capturing the title from a seemingly invincible champion in Anderson Silva.  Lombard has run roughshod over multiple challengers during his Bellator stint but the opposition has been questionable at best in comparison to Sonnen. The powerful wide strikes from Lombard would be the opening Sonnen would need to secure his takedowns in each round and while Lombard is a powerhouse and may get back to his feet the pattern would likely repeat.  Lombard would need one of his bombs to land but thatís unlikely and Sonnen would grind out a unanimous decision.


Sonnen over Lombard by unanimous decision.



Round two match-ups:


Silva vs. Okami --  A rematch of their 2006 battle "wonĒ by Okami due to an illegal kick from Silva.  Silva will want to stay on the outside and keep Okami off balance much the same way Rich Franklin did and with faster, more lethal tools at his disposal it seems to be a successful plan for The Spider to implement.  Okami will have difficulty getting inside and his powerful clinch game could be nullified by the top level muay thai from Silva.  Silva should control the distance and therefore the bout on his way to avenging his most recent loss.


Silva over Okami by unanimous decision.


Belfort vs. Sonnen Ė Here is yet another wrestler-striker match-up with the lightning fast hands of Belfort taking on the wrestling game of Sonnen.  Sonnen will look to utilize his patented formula of take down then top control for the duration of the bout while Belfort will look to clip Sonnen during the stand-up exchanges and bring the bout to a violent and abrupt ending. Weíre going to take a wild guess here and say that after Sonnen dominates the opening round he walks into a lethal Belfort combination early in the second round and goes to sleep.


Belfort over Sonnen by TKO in round two.





Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort -- Another top notch middleweight bout that we wonít have to wait too long to actually see as this bout is scheduled for Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas.  This will be a highly anticipated match-up between two lethal strikers which is bound to leave one man knocked out and the crowd in a delighted frenzy.  It could end quickly either way but the hope here is that we get to see these guys exchange for at least a couple rounds.  Silva should have advantages in the ground game as well as the superior reach but he will be facing a high caliber striker who may actually have faster hands than The Spider. Letís go out on a limb and predict a fabulous finish to a great bout with Belfort dropping Silva midway through the second round but in his haste to follow up and finish, The Phenom gets tangled in the Spiderís web and caught by the same armbar/triangle that finished Sonnen for yet another great finish for Silva that earns him The Donís Fantasy Middleweight Title.


Silva over Belfort by triangle submission in round two to win The Donís Fantasy Middleweight Title.

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