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Heavyweight Fantasy Finals



With the brief lull in MMA action, what better time to get the crazy debates going with some fantasy tournaments in each of the weight divisions.  We will be looking to crown "The Don’s Fantasy Champions” in seven weight classes.  While we know that the UFC will never go back to a tournament format or co-promote with any other organization, our minds and keyboards are not bound by such politics.

Over the next seven days we will look at each weight division and hold 8 man fantasy tournaments in each class.  We will seed the fighters one through eight in a bracket formula and look at who will win each fight and why. 
These types of predictions/projections usually spark great debates among the MMA fans.  First of all it’s difficult to decide which eight fighters will participate and then choosing winners really causes the fun and debates begin… so bring it on!!!

The seedings are based primarily on rankings from our good friends at with a few minor variations in several weight classes.

The quarter- and semi-final bouts would be three rounds with the final bout being a five round affair.  The seedings are in parenthesis below.


Today we will look at the Heavyweight division and the seedings/match-ups are as follows:


(1) Cain Velasquez vs.  (8) Frank Mir

(4) Brock Lesnar vs.  (5) Junior dos Santos

(3) Fedor Emelianenko vs.  (6) Shane Carwin

(2) Fabricio Werdum vs.  (7) Alistair Overeem


Round 1 Match-ups:


Velasquez vs. Mir – Velasquez cemented his greatness with a dominating win over Brock Lesnar to claim the UFC heavyweight title. Mir is the former champion and also holds a victory over Lesnar.  Velasquez’ overall game would likely prove too much for Mir as Velasquez would hold the edge in all areas except jiu-jitsu.  Mir would have a the grapplers chance if the fight went to the ground but Velasquez would likely be able to defend and avoid the attempts from Mir and deliver his signature ground and pound which would spell the end for Mir.


Velasquez over Mir by TKO in round two.



Lesnar vs. dos Santos – Was Lesnar was exposed as being one-dimensional in his loss to Velasquez or is the new champ just that good? Probably a little of both and now dos Santos would think he has the formula to defeat Lesnar now too.  It’s a good theory but dos Santos doesn’t possess the wrestling prowess of Velasquez and Lesnar would be able to bull rush dos Santos and score the takedown.  In this case dos Santos would not be able to get right back to his feet the way Velasquez did. The thought here is that this bout would go to the ground early and then be controlled by the brute strength of Lesnar. Once it goes to the mat, dos Santos does not escape and Lesnar earns the stoppage on the ground.


Lesnar over dos Santos by TKO in round one.



Fedor vs. Carwin – Fedor will be facing a much larger man with punching power that is off the charts.  Carwin has not encountered someone with the overall skills of Fedor so it should make for an interesting match-up.  Fedor has proved adept at avoiding the bombs from the big punchers and should be able to do the same against Carwin.  Carwin will have the punchers chance as he always does bit Fedor will avoid the big shot and get Carwin to the mat where the Russian star will patiently work his submission game and eventually lock-up a fight ending armbar late in the opening frame.


Emelianenko over Carwin by armbar submission in round one.



Werdum vs. Overeem -- Werdum shocked the world earlier this year with his stunning first round submission of the seemingly invincible Fedor.  Overeem has been a wrecking machine as of late, destroying his recent opponents with surprising ease.  Werdum is a top level BJJ practitioner but will be in over his head when he steps in with Overeem.  Werdum does not possess the kind of stand-up game that can threaten Overeem so we will see Overeem avoid any takedown attempts from Werdum and unleash his frightening arsenal of fists and knees that will bring the night to an early end for Werdum.


Overeem over Werdum by TKO in round one.



Round two match-ups:


Velasquez vs. Lesnar – We saw how this fight went down less than a month ago but if they met again Lesnar would try to implement a different strategy.  This is obviously a wise move but it will only prolong the inevitable.  Lesnar would likely try a slower pace early which will allow the fight to get beyond the first round but until his striking game improves greatly Lesnar will be no match for Velasquez as this one ends in the second round with Velasquez once again pounding Lesnar in the fetal position.


Velasquez over Lesnar by TKO in round two.


Fedor vs. Overeem -- A classic match-up that has been years in the making. Fedor has reigned atop the heavyweight division for years but now a new breed of heavyweight fighters has brought Fedor’s invincibility into question.  Overeem is very likely too big and too strong for the small heavyweight size of Fedor.  Unlike Carwin, Overeem has a lethal set of well-rounded skills that should be able to overcome the technical attack from Fedor.  The big question here would be the chin of Overeem as he has shown susceptibility to be knocked out but we will say he survives the attack from Fedor and unleashes the big knees and punches that will hand Fedor his first real TKO loss of his career in the second round.


Overeem over Fedor by TKO in round two.





Cain Velasquez vs. Alistair Overeem – An all-time classic heavyweight clash between UFC and Strikeforce heavyweight kings.  Both fighters have the capability of ending the fight violently and suddenly.  Overeem would likely have the advantage in one shot KO power but it will be the game planning and technical approach from Velasquez that will be the difference in this heavyweight tilt.  Velasquez will use his technical striking to keep Overeem off balance and if necessary Velasquez has the ability to take the fight to the mat and control Overeem as well.  The thought here is that Velasquez will methodically pick apart Overeem on the feet and add some takedowns for variety before sitting down on his punches in round three and earning the TKO stoppage.


Velasquez over Overeem by TKO in round three.

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