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Rampage vs Rapper 'The Game'


At first I wasn't going to make a comment about the Rampage and Game beef but after seeing the interaction between Undertake and Lesnar I finally decided to.

Rampage Jackson has since finished his shoot for the "A-Team" movie which ultimately led to him pulling out of the Ultimate Fighter as well as his loss to Rashad Evans in UFC 114.

That loss has been ranted about already check it out here.

Rampage has challenged rapper/actor Game to an act off, a rap off and a sparring match. I know Kerrazy right, Rampage a rapper!?! View Here.

Why is this even an issue? Some of you may not know this and perhaps some of you do, but Jackson and The Game were both considered for the part of BA "Baracus" in the movie A-Team. Obviously Jackson got the part, but The Game is pissed because he thinks/thought that he would have made a better BA. I don't know about all that!! Jackson looks the part of BA a lot more than Game does.

Jackson goes on to state that if Game would have made the role of over him, he would never watch the movie - even if sequels were made. Jackson goes on to jab at The Game for his failed relationship at the hands of a dating show ("Change of Heart") where then girlfriend had a change of heart. This was back in 2000 - way before the game became well known. Check It Out

We all know is that Jackson can beat the breaks off of Game - no question. Jackson also states that he has no problem stepping in to Games world if Game will step in to his and comparing the differences of the two - why would Jackson want for real for real!?! Let us not forget 2Pac and Biggie.

The way rappers squash beef is through lyrical annihilation and when that is not an option other alternatives are taken. Need I elaborate. Normally when you tell someone that you will kick their ass...and the other person doesn't respond - do you automatically assume that person is scarred or simply playing it smart?

What Jackson needs to do is pull a win out of ass in his next fight. Every since he loss to Griffin it would seem Jackson is more interested in being Hollywood like Randy Couture than anything else. No need to hold up a persona - rappers rap, actors act and fighters fight. A decision needs to be made because a lot of fans are loosing respect for him. If Machida kicks his ass then perhaps Jackson can/should take a shot at the rap game, but then again I actually heard the lyrics and it's not to pretty. View Best bet then is acting - just try not to go senile like Mel Gibson.
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